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Crave Control

Crave Control
60 Capsules

The #1 culprit is the hormone LEPTIN that physically drives your cravings, shreds your self-control and throws your diet plans in the dustbin. Crave Control can help to :

  • Overcome PHYSICAL feelings of Cravings.
  • Tide over Weight loss plateaus.
  • Increase Leptin Sensitivity.
  • Reduce appetite, stick to your diet plan.
  • Specifically reduce cravings for ‘CARB-AGE’.
  • Promote feeling of wellbeing & elevate mood.
  • Contains Valuable Catechins & Polyphenols.

For a start please put the ‘Calorie in Calorie out’ concept in the trash bin. Starving yourself WILL hurt you and Yo-Yo diets are the worst – they set you up to be obese for life. If you eat less, the body will reduce its ‘calorie expense’ and manage with less calories. This will make you cold, tired and miserable; and yes, you are still fat.

Your body was designed to survive, and does not share your passion for looking good. As in all things, the body has its own signaling system, its own internal communications network (Intranet?) and the data carriers are the ubiquitous hormones.

Fun Fact :
Those on a diet are often successful – in the short term. But in the long term the weight creeps back slowly till it makes you fatter than you were, before you went on a diet.

If you are looking at weight loss, then you must tame LEPTIN, the #1 weight-loss hormone.

Leptin :This is your friend, but it is angry with you for neglecting it, and though it wants to cooperate, it cannot. Leptin is the hormone your fat cells release to signal your brain that you have enough energy reserves in your body. More the fat in the body, the more Leptin is released. But the problem is that you have been overeating for decades, and the brain has learnt to ignore Leptin, technically becoming Leptin Resistant.

High levels of LEPTIN tell the body it is OK to lose weight. But there’s a double whammy here. AS YOU BEGIN TO LOSE WEIGHT, Leptin levels drop – perhaps as much as by 50% within 7 days and even more as your diet progresses.

The second problem is that high Leptin levels over previous years, possibly decades, cause Leptin Resistance, so it is doubly more difficult to lose weight. What does this all mean?

  • Leptin levels are low
  • Leptin sensitivity is low

Hello, Weight Loss Plateaus!

What to do? The solution is to be found in nature, and natural ingredients that can help. We have developed Crave control after years of Research and IT WORKS!

Crave Control Ingredients work as under :

Irvingia Gabonensis derived from the Wild African mango, can support a rise in Leptin sensitivity by up to 50%. Leptin helps the body burn fat. Without taming Leptin, it is nearly impossible to lose weight on a sustained basis. Irvingia has traditionally been used in Africa for various issues and also helps lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols and Catechins, which are antioxidants and help in weight loss by reducing the absorption of fats from the intestine, nudge the liver to reduce production of fat, and induce the fat and muscle cells in the body to burn more fat. Green tea also contains Theanine, a precursor to GABA, that helps calm the brain and may reduce cravings. It suppresses appetite and increases the metabolic rate by interacting with adrenaline. It increases norepinephrine that signals more fat to be burnt.

It reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation and improves liver health. Polyphenols have many benefits, and can improve quality of life and longevity.

Griffonia Simplicifolia contains high levels of 5-HTP, a precursor to Serotonin, the "feel good" neurotransmitter. Serotonin works hand in hand with Leptin to tell your brain and body that you’re full and satisfied. Serotonin can help elevate your mood, control your appetite, and decrease cravings—all critically important elements when it comes to losing stubborn flab! This ‘happiness’ factor reduces overconsumption of calories, especially with regard to high-carb foods.

Why should I take Crave Control?

According to a study, an average woman spends 15 years of her life dieting. Weight lost over the short term comes back over the long term. This constant gaining and losing weight tells the body to HOLD ON TO ITS WEIGHT, and it becomes nearly impossible to lose weight and hurts you in the process.

Crave control helps tide over cravings, and manages the weight control Hormones in the body in favor of weight loss. No harm in using natural ingredients for a little help while one is attempting to lose weight.

Will I have to take Crave Control all my life?

The simple answer is NO. You may need to take it for a few weeks to help you lose weight, control cravings and overcome weight loss plateaus. Once you are satisfied with your progress, you can discontinue it.

Why is there so much focus on losing weight?

A large number of people want to lose weight so they look good and feel good. However, our goal is to make people healthy. While losing weight may get you compliments, the PRIMARY GOAL is to gain optimum health.

Obesity is the mother of all diseases, and weight loss is advised in many medical issues. Obese persons are prone to Diabetes and several other medical problems.

Can I lose weight without taking Crave Control?

You certainly can. Our clinic at Diet Sutra has helped nearly 15,000 clients lose weight over the last 12 years or so without any help. However, in some cases the lost weight is regained.

When you try to lose weight, you declare war on your body. And the body retaliates by releasing hormones that make it physically very difficult to hold on to your resolve of eating to your diet plan. In such cases, we recommend you take the help of Crave Control for a few weeks to tide over the tough times, after which the going becomes smooth.

What are the other benefits of Crave Control?

The natural ingredients in crave Control have a rich mix of Catechins and Polyphenols, with a healthy effect on fat metabolism, and are anti-oxidants offering protection from free radicals.

What is the recommended dosage of Crave Control?

We recommend 1 cap. in the morning and 1 at bedtime. This will help curb the nighttime cravings and help you help yourself to NOT BINGE before going to bed.

What about the side effects of Crave Control?

There are no side effects, unless you have an unknown rare allergy to any of the ingredients. To the best of our knowledge, there is not a single case of side effects / allergic reactions to any ingredient over its many years of use.

Are there any contraindications?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no contraindications.

Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this?

Doctors receive little or no training in Nutrition and are geared up to use toxic chemicals promoted by the Pharma Companies.

Is it safe during Pregnancy?

Crave Control should not be taken during Pregnancy. Though it may be safe, Pregnancy is not the best time to try and lose weight.

Crave Control is safe to use in the recommended doses.

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