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Natural Sleep, Physical Stress, Mental Stress.

MagRest is Nature’s Chill Pill, perhaps the only sleep supplement of its kind that calms both, the body and the brain.

  • Can replace all harmful allopathic sleeping tablets.
  • Calms the brain and facilitates DEEP NATURAL SLEEP.
  • Calms and soothes the muscles and relaxes the body.
  • Rejuvenates both mind and body.
  • Non-Addictive – Natural, friendly ingredients.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic, use at will.
  • Boosts Learning, Cognition & Memory.
  • Fights Anxiety & Stress, works as Anti-Oxidant.
  • Boosts Glutathione, body’s Super Anti-Oxidant.

Magnesium has been called Nature’s Chill Pill, and in MagRest it is ably aided by Glycine, an amino acid. The two work in synergy to give DEEP NATURAL REFRESHING SLEEP to normal people and useful for both PHYSICAL & MENTAL STRESS as well. It can be used by all adults to replace their synthetic, sleeping tablets that have long-term harmful side effects, and are addictive in nature.

Fun Fact : Our body works the hardest when we sleep.

This is the time the body’s energy can be diverted from the normal tasks and the biggest energy users – the brain and digestive system are also ‘sleeping’. The deeper the sleep, the better the body can repair itself. Wake up fresh and rejuvenated with MAGREST.

Tens of millions of people around the world depend on various types of drugs to get to sleep, but are not able to sleep well. All sleeping tablets in vogue and common use are addictive, have severe side effects, and stop working over time because the body develops Resistance to these foreign synthetic chemicals.

MAGREST Magnesium offers the solution we have been searching for. It is composed of natural ingredients that the body recognizes as FRIENDLY and there is zero possibility to develop resistance. Magrest is harmless, non-toxic, non-addictive and offers numerous other advantages, due to Magnesium the Miracle mineral.

You will get deep, natural sleep BUT as a bonus more than 700 to 800 body processes are benefited by Magnesium. Niggling worries like Anxiety, stress, body ache, pain, spasms, B.P. and Cholesterol issues may dwindle or completely vanish within few weeks.

Regular supplementation with Magnesium can improve the health of your vital organs and body systems like Brain, heart, nerves, muscles, Blood vessels, Bones, Circulation, digestion and many more. It is rightly called THE MIRACLE MINERAL, and 80% population is deficient in it.

For more information on Magnesium and its benefits, write to us. The query form is available at the top of the page.

Magrest contains Magnesium Glycinate

It acts in multiple ways to relieve muscle cramps and pain :

  • Loosens Muscles : By counteracting calcium accumulation.
  • Decreases Pain : By blocking pain receptors in the Brain and Nervous System.
  • Increases Absorption of Potassium : Critical for optimal muscle function.
  • Dampens Inflammation : In the muscles and the entire body.
  • Supports Neurotransmitters like Serotonin, GABA, and also Melatonin that helps you relax and fall asleep.

Glycine is an amino acid that has numerous Benefits for the entire body. Mentioned below are some related to muscle health.

  • Glycine helps form Collagen and Connective tissue.
  • Glycine helps build lean muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting.
  • Glycine is essential for the synthesis of Creatine.
  • Glycine protects the liver from chemical toxicity.
  • Glycine is a key component of Glutathione, the body’s own super anti-oxidant.
  • Glycine boosts Energy levels and helps in fighting fatigue.

What is Magnesium?

It is a natural mineral essential to the body’s health. On average, humans have 25 grams of Magnesium in the body. It is now widely recognized as a miracle mineral and is favored by hundreds of devoted doctors all over the world.

Why is it Important?

Magnesium is involved in 700 to 800 body processes, literally everything one can think of. Function of VITAL ORGANS like heart, brain, Liver, Pancreas and processes like Circulatory health, digestion, Insulin function, Muscle health, Bone Health, Women’s Health, energy and Immunity are all dependent on Adequate Magnesium levels in the body for their optimum function.

How do I know I need Magnesium?

Nearly 70-80% of the human population is deficient in magnesium. So, literally everyone can benefit with Magnesium Supplementation. Unfortunately, cellular level magnesium Deficiency cannot be detected through a normal blood test, and sophisticated tests are not available to the general public, However, symptoms like muscle cramps are a sure sign of Magnesium Deficiency.

What is the recommended dosage for Elemental Magnesium?

The RDA for adult women is 320 to 360 mg per day and that for men is 420 mg per day. However to overcome a long-standing deficiency, one may have to supplement on the higher side, and differs from individual to individual. Even more important, due to depletion of Magnesium levels in our food, the deficiency increases with age and it is advisable to take adequate amounts of MAGNESIUM either through food or supplements.

Is it addictive? Will I have to take it all my life?

Magnesium need be taken only as long as the Magnesium deficiency persists which varies from individual to individual. Relief is apparent within few days of starting therapy. It is completely non-addictive and can be discontinued at will. However it is advisable to continue taking it as it takes time for the deficiency to be completely filled up.

Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this?

Doctors receive little information on Nutrition and during their practice, they do not get a single company /medical representative promoting Magnesium. So, it could be a case of out of sight, out of mind for the doctors, and definitely a deliberate attempt from Pharma Companies to hide the benefits of this miracle mineral from doctors.

Why don’t Pharma companies promote it?

Magnesium is a natural product and cannot be patented. So Pharma companies steer away from such products. Instead they promote deadly drugs because these deadly drugs can be patented.

Is there any test for magnesium deficiency?

Standard blood test will not be able to give a correct picture. Whereas the body soft tissues and bones may be deficient in Magnesium, the blood level remains more or less constant. The Magnesium RBC test gives better results. Sophisticated tests are required to determine the true level of Magnesium in the body, and such tests are not readily available in India.

Can I give Magnesium to my children?

Children of 12 years and above may be given half the adult dose on needs basis. No studies have been done on humans below 18 years of age and it may be prudent to consult your medical care provider before starting magnesium for a 12 year old.

Is Magnesium safe during Pregnancy?

Magnesium is safe before, during and after pregnancy and in fact it is recommended. It is safe during Lactation as well since the growing fetus draws on its mother for its own mineral requirements. Pregnant women are at high risk for developing nutritional deficiencies. Magnesium supplement may be taken under your doctor’s advice and supervision.

How can Magnesium Supplementation help?

Magnesium is now available in a chelated form that delivers adequate doses without causing Diarrhea. Unless it is contraindicated it can benefit almost everyone. Time is not far when Chelated MAGNESIUM will be used as a necessary part of food to optimize body function, just as people use once a day Multivitamin.

Is Magnesium Toxic?

No toxicity has been reported to the best of our knowledge. The Body has inbuilt natural defense – if you take too much magnesium, it will cause mild case of diarrhea and also the Kidney will speed up the excretion of Magnesium, so it does not build up to any ‘excess’ level.

Are there any contraindications to Magnesium Supplementation?

Magnesium supplementation should be avoided in the following rare cases : Myasthenia Gravis, Kidney Failure, Bowel Obstruction or Heart Block.

Magnesium is generally considered safe except certain rare conditions described below. Kindly consult your health care provider.

Contraindications to Magnesium Therapy

Kidney Failure

Myasthenia Gravis

Excessively Slow Heart Rate

Bowel Obstruction

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